International Folk Dance Association of University City

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Welcome to the International Folk Dance Association of University City, or IFDA.  Incorporated in 1964, the IFDA has been serving the greater St. Louis area for nearly 50 years as a non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching and enjoyment of folk dances and to the sharing of knowledge and appreciation of folk cultures from around the world.  The IFDA and its activities are open to anyone interested in international folk dancing or folklore.  

When:  Every Saturday from 7:30pm-10:45pm

Where: University United Methodist Church

               6901 Washington Ave., University City(St. Louis), Missouri 63130

Don't Miss Our Upcomming Workshop With Cristian Florescu & Sonia Dion Jan 15th-17th

All IFDA events are co-sponsored by the 
National Folk Organization
and with the generous support of the
Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis
Regional Arts Commission                                                                                                                           National Folk Organization

Our Logo:  The design at the top of this and other IFDA pages is the official logo of the International Folk Dance Association of University City, © 1984-2014, and should not be used elsewhere except when referring to this organization or linking to this web site.  The logo was designed by Judy Stein in 1984 and revised by Roger Hill in 1996.

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